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IC inbox

"State your business. Under normal circumstances, you can expect a response within the next 24 hours."
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[Rey is still seething after her Sans encounter, as she speaks through gritted teeth into her phone:]

You see that jackass skeleton anywhere near the bar, kick him out. He's worn out his welcome.

[Danse might have warned Rey about him before, but this time it's serious.]
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[The fact that he's not pressing the matter is a refreshing change of pace. No prying questions, no goading or pushing the subject further. She's relieved when she speaks:]


[The question he does ask piques her curiosity, though.]

Sure. Had to step out for a bit-- [cool down after Sans' bullshit] --but was going to swing back to take care of some things. [Namely a table she might have flipped. Stress ball concept idea sounds better.]
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[There's no goodbye when she hangs up. She's swinging back around to the bar, and steps inside in time to find Danse cleaning up the minor little messed she made before storming out earlier.]

Oh, um. Sorry about that.
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[He really does -- and in the worst way possible, in Rey's case. What he considered being "concerned" translated more to an antagonistic form of interrogation, prying in ways that's too personal for her to divulge after being goaded so many times.

[But at least she can appreciate Danse seemingly making an effort to try and remedy that leftover frustration, as she stares at the weird weapon design. She does pick it up, inspecting the pistol further to find what makes up the ammunition.

[Oh. Hello again, stress balls.]

You made this?

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[It's a little bit of both, though more the former than the latter. She didn't think there was much to work with to manufacture a gun here... shoddy or not.

[So she shakes her head.]
Um, no. No, it's fine.

[Taking Danse's word for it, she uses the crude firearm to take aim at the familiar candle placed in her line of sight.

[And pulls the trigger at the infernal thing to see what happens.]
circumitus: a lot of my childhood feels like a drugged up fever dream. (KUMA SHOCK)

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[...Oh. That was cool.

[Rey lowers the makeshift piece and blinks. Having never fired anything like a Nerf gun before, or even a bloodless game of laser tag, the concept of shooting a firearm not intended to kill its target is... different. Not unheard of, just different.

[And, hey. It comes with a hell of a lot less consequences than stabbing someone for pissing you off.]

This is great. [She makes a strange sound that might resemble a laugh.] I like it.
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Yes, really.

[Rey happens to like different.]

Okay. [She nods before drawing her aim once again at the trio of candles Danse placed in her line of fire. For someone who's adept in most forms of combat, speed is hardly an issue. The shots made might as well be one, but three stress balls land hits on each candle.

[After, she brings the gun back down, a spark of approval in her eye. Most excellent.]
What do you call this thing, anyway?